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Genetics (BIOL 3416) - Syllabus

Spring 2019 Lecture notes and other resources. (NOTE: All information on this page is a work in progress and may change at any time)

Debate information - Debate information sheet, Sample evaluation form

Chapter 1 - Introduction and the Molecular Basis of Genetics - PowerPoint

The Avery, MacLeod and McCarty Experiment

The Hershey and Chase Experiment

The Meselsohn-Stahl Experiment

The myth that mutations only destroy information.

Other misunderstandings about evolution

Chapter 2 - Transmission Genetics - PowerPoint

Human pedigree 1

Human pedigree 2

Pedigree example 1

Pedigree example 2

Chapter 3 - Cell Division and Chromosomes - PowerPoint

Cell cycle animation/tutorial

Mitosis animation/tutorial

Meiosis overview

Segregation and meiosis animation/tutorial

X-linkage animation/tutorial

Mitosis film

Meiosis film

Chapter 4 - Inheritance Patterns and Gene Interaction - PowerPoint

Mendelian Genetics 1

Mendelian Genetics 2

Mendelian Genetics 3

Mendelian Genetics 4

Mendelian Example problem 1

Mendelian Example problem 2

Incomplete dominance and codominance

One-gene-one-enzyme hypothesis

Chapter 5 - Linkage and Mapping  - PowerPoint

The link between recombination and genotype/phenotype

Virtual Crossovers - Lab1, Lab2, Lab3

Linkage and Recombination - Example1, Example2, Example3, Example4

Linked Genes - Example1, Example2, Example3

3-point Mapping Tutorials - Tutorial1, Tutorial2

3-point Mapping Examples - Example1, Example2, Example3, Example4, Example5

Chapter 7 - DNA Structure and Replication - PowerPoint 

A review of DNA structure

DNA replication animation

DNA replication tutorial

The chemistry of adding nucleotides

The end-replication problem and telomerase

Telomerase function

Chapters 8 - Transcription - PowerPoint

Your text's overview of transcription

Splicing basics

Alternative processing of RNAs

Chapter 9 - Translation - Powerpoint

Translation initiation

Translation elongation

Translation exercise

Protein synthesis: an epic on the cellular level

Chapter 11 - Chromosome Structure - Powerpoint

Chromosome structure tutorial

Chapter 12 - Mutation, Repair and Homologous Recombination - PowerPoint

5-Bromouracil mutations

Mismatch repair animation

Nucleotide excision repair animation

Nonhomologous End Joining animation

Synthesis Dependent Strand Annealing animation (aka homology dependent double strand break repair)

Homologous Recombination animation

Chapter 13 - Chromosome Aberrations and Transposition - PowerPoint


FISH animation

Paracentric Inversions animation

Pericentric Inversions animation

Reciprocal Translocation animation

Robertsonian Translocation animation

The Origin of Human Chromosome Two

Chapter 14 - Bacterial Gene Regulation - PowerPoint

Allostery animation

The Lac Operon animation

Attenuation of the Trp Operon animation

Chapter 15 - Eukaryotic Gene Regulation - PowerPoint

siRNA pathway animation

RNAi in General animation

Another RNAi animation suggested by a student

Creating a Knockout Mouse

Chapter 22 - Population Genetics - PowerPoint

Classwide traits spreadsheet